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Eyeries Voted Ireland's Best Kept Town 2012

Eyeries News and Events

Eyeries Family Festival

Eyeries Festival

The Eyeries Family Festival will run July 17th to 19th this year


Anam Cara Workshops 2015

Anam Cara
How about one of these workshop retreats

For most of the year, Anam Cara offers retreat space and time for individual creators to work on their own projects.  In addition, we offer six or seven week-long residential workshop retreats guided by an experienced leader and focused on a specific creative process.

 For more information and to book a place in one of these or your own retreat to work on your own project, get in touch with Sue at


2015 Workshop Retreat Schedule

What Do I Mean by Creativity?
Proprioceptive Writing Retreat

Ginny Keegan
Retreat Leader:  Ginny Keegan (
Arrival:  April 18, 2015
Departure:  April 24, 2015


Poetry for the Soul
A Week-long Residential Workshop Retreat

James Harpur
Led by James Harpur (
Arrival: Saturday, 9 May 2015
Departure: Saturday 16 May 2015


Painting the Wild Coast of Ireland Workshop Retreat
One-week residential workshop retreat

Evelyn Dunphy
Retreat Leader:  Evelyn Dunphy (more information)
Arrival:  Saturday, 30 May 2015
Departure:  Saturday 6th June 2015


Lining Our Thoughts - A Poetry Writing Workshop
A Week-long Residential Workshop Retreat

Leanne O'Sullivan
Retreat Leader:  Leanne O’Sullivan (
Arrival:  Saturday, 4th July 2015
Departure:  Saturday 11th July 2015

Once Upon A Time... Rediscover your Creative Freedom
A Week-long Residential Workshop Retreat

Vanessa Gebbie
Retreat Leader:  Vanessa Gebbie (www.vanessa.gebbie)
Arrival:  Saturday, 1st August 2015
Departure:  Saturday 8th August 2015

Loosening the Bonds - A Silent, Guided, Elements Retreat
A Week-long Residential Workshop Retreat

Kim Richardson
Retreat Leader:  Kim Richardson
Arrival:  Saturday, 15th August 2015
Departure:  Saturday 22nd August 2015

Whose Story Is It Anyway?
A Week-long Residential Workshop Retreat

Geraldine Mills
Led By:  Geraldine Mills (
Arrival:  Saturday, 5th September 2015
Departure:  Saturday 12th September 2015

Singing Over the Bones
A Five Day Residential Workshop Retreat

Sharon Blackie
Retreat Leader:  Sharon Blackie (
Arrival:  Sunday, 11th October 2015
Departure:  Friday 16th October 2015


"What do I Mean by Creativity?"
A Proprioceptive Writing Retreat
Leader: Ginny Keegan, Proprioceptive Writing Teacher , Artist, Writer and Long-time Student of Buddhist Meditation
Arrival: April 18, 2015, Departure: April 25, 2015

Ginny Keegan Ginny Keegan

From Ginny: "How does Proprioceptive Writing (PW) promote creativity? People have blocks to creativity for all kinds of reasons. These may reside in our memories, in our emotions, and in our attitudes, values, and belief systems. By bringing these into the open through attention to our ideas and feelings, the PW method begins to break up these blocks. Through PW, people increase their creativity and feel their minds expand, one of life's greatest pleasures.

"Without the practice of PW, I would not be an artist today. Convinced (since that day in First Grade when everyone laughed at my picture) that I had no ability, I closed my paint box for 50 years. In 2000, while on a PW retreat at Anam Cara, I was invited into a watercolour workshop that was in process. Daunted by my encrusted view of 'no talent in this lifetime,' I moved from my PW writing paper and pen to watercolour and brush and began to paint. A magical new world became possible."

Today, Ginny is a founding member of Artisans Collective-Yarmouth, Maine, USA. (

May 2015

Evelyn Dunphy Evelyn Dunphy

Painting the Wild Coast of Ireland: A Watercolour Painter's Idea of Heaven
Leader: Evelyn Dunphy (
Arrival: May 30, 2015; Departure: June 6, 2015

From Evelyn: "Join us as we experience the haunting beauty that surrounds Anam Cara. The lengthening spring days offer plein air opportunities in the colorful village of Eyeries, the nearby strand, and mountains. I will lead you in painting the wild, rugged coastal views of this ancient landscape. Brightly colored cottages wind their way down the lane and the misty foothills of the Macgillycuddy Reeks overlooking Coulagh Bay reveal themselves in the ever-changing light -- it's an artist's paradise.

"This workshop is designed to expand your knowledge and ability with plein air painting, accompanied by studio work that will underscore and re-enforce the field work. I hope that the combination of this and a new landscape will prove a winning combination."

Evelyn Dunphy offers clear, concise methods of looking at the complexities of nature and choosing the major and minor "chords" that enable her students to express their personal excitement about the landscape. Her analogies to music are especially enlightening: "a staccato of brushwork against the long rest of a graded wash."

For more information about the workshop retreats now scheduled for 2015 and to book one of the few remaining places in the Master Class in Poetry (shown below) or your own retreat to work on your own project, get in touch with Sue at


Sharon Colman Frank with Sharon
Sharon Shannon cutting the tape to open the Eyeries Festival Colman O'Sullivan with Sharon Shannon
On stage Jumping arouind
Dancing shoes Jumping around
crowd Eyeries
Crowds gathering in the street
Eyeries Eyeries
Eyeries looking beautiful for the first festival in 24 years
Eileen Sharon and Eileen
Eileen O'Driscoll with Sharon Shannon on stage Eileen O'Driscoll performing live with Sharon Shannon
crowds Sponsor
The crowd gathers for the Sharon Shannon concert in Eyeries Village Hall l~r Colman O'Sullivan, Geraldine Harrington, Sharon Shannon and Johnny Power of Marine Harvest teh main sponsor for the event
Sharon Shannon Sharon Shannon
Sharon Shannon with her amazing fiddle player Sharon Shannon live in Eyeries Hall


Please click on the above image of click here to see Eileen playing with Sharon


  Fun With Glass at Eyeries School  
Sorry john
  Sharon Shannon will launch the Eyeries Family festival on July 22nd at 8 pm in Eyeries village and will then play a live concert in the hall in the village at 9pm.Tickets 20 euros are available from Eyeries post office Causkey's bar, O'Shea,s bar and O'Sullivans's shop in the village Limited availability  
  A film was recently shot in and around the Eyeries area by a Japanese film crew. Nothing much is known about the film, only it stars a well known Japanese actress. Children and locals starred as extras for a scene in the village. The village has been the setting for many films before this and it is hoped more will be made here. Other films include 'The Purple Taxi, 'Falling for a Dancer', 'The Royal'. More news on the Japanese film is hopefully coming our way and when it does we will post it here  
  Japanese film  
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