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Coillte recognises that forests provide an excellent landscape for a wide range of recreational activities and the company. As the largest landowners in the state, Coillte is often asked for access to its estate by both statutory and voluntary organisations for the establishment of recreation related facilities. Partnership arrangements can provide valuable resources for the management of recreation and indeed other objectives in the forest estate. Local development groups, clubs and local authorities can all access funding not available to the company when partnership arrangements are entered into.

All 3rd party proposals on Coillte lands should involve the local forest manager from the outset to ensure that they are concurrent with Coillte’s policies and objectives and to avoid any possible disappointments or conflicts. Alternatively you may contact the regional trails and recreation managers who will be able to advise you accordingly, they are Mary O’ Brien (Region South), Jesper Petersen (Region East) and Martin Ruane (Region North/West).

Further information on Coillte’s policies regarding partnerships can be found at http://www.coillteoutdoors.ie