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Developing Walking Routes

When you plan to develop a Loop Route, National Way Marked Way, or a Local Way.

Form a committee.

When a walk is to be developed on private land you must ask the landowners. Speak to you local farm body.

If the committee cant find out who the landowner is, it can be checked on the land direct web site.

Talk to the following state groups

Co Council local engineer.

The local rangers from the national parks and wild life

If the proposed walk is going into Coillte land talk to the Coillte Ranger

Public Right of way

Public rights of way in Ireland is a hard thing to prove .If you think there is a right of way check it out with the council.

When the proposed route has agreement from the landowners. Talk to Failte Ireland and the national Trails office, they will send down an inspector to help you with a works plan to develop a route.


Failte Ireland funds all materials to develop loop routes.

National Way Marked Way

If the committee plan to develop a National Way Marked Way talk to your local leader company about funding.

Leader can fund up to 75% and can allow up to 15% voluntary labour in some cases.

Slí na Sláinte

Talk to Paddy Murphy in the Irish Heart Foundation

Sli worldwide please email Paddy Murphy